4 way switch tripping breaker

Thanks for contributing an answer to Home Improvement Stack Exchange! It is for kitchen lights and it breaker runs 4 additional outlets , 1 other in kitchen and 3 more in dining room. 8 reasons for circuit breaker tripping By:Nader Updated:September 09,2020 12:08PM Electricity is indispensable for every family, but due to improper decoration and installation or use of electricity in daily life, the problem of switch tripping often occurs, affecting normal daily life. The easiest way to tell is by locating your fuse box and seeing if any of the electric breaker switches have flipped downwards. If you’ve ever had a circuit breaker keep tripping, you know how frustrating it can be. Tip. The issue is with all the circuit wiring connected as intended and on an arc fault, every time 1 of the 4 hallway switches ( 3way or 4 way ) is hit, the circuit trips. The greatest danger from a ground fault occurs when a human becomes the path for electricity that’s trying to find its way to the ground, which can result in electrocution. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. It will be attached to a screw that is usually black, or copper colored. Do you know where power enters these boxes? I am attempting to enable a light switch in a bedroom that had the wiring but had no ceiling light fixture and no switch (just a blank plate). You have a new-style switch loop -- the current (2014) NEC now requires switch loops to have a neutral, not just a hot and a switched. It is winter and we’ve had very cold temperatures. ... are not loose. Tapped off of an extra circuit from the basement. Or, you can figure out what's causing the problem so … In the box. Originally Posted by 480sparky None of which have zip to do with any possibly defective switch. Short Circuits It just started shorting a week ago. Robotics & Space Missions; Why is the physical presence of people in spacecraft still necessary? This creates a surge in electricity and the circuit breaker will trip. Benjamin Franklin found that out when he flew a kite in a lightning storm! Use a tester to ensure your work area is powered down. Unplugged everything on that circuit and replaced both 3 way switches and replaced the breaker. Flip the power main if you’re unsure which breaker connects to your light switch. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. I flip it back on and all is well until it happens again! Mounting (Non-Lokable) CS-C10188 Breaker Control Switch With Bamel Locking (Lever Type or 'T' Type) Hole Ø19 4-Hole Ø5.5 49.5 Crs. Cut the power and turn off the breaker that supplies power to your switch. Understanding the zero current in a simple circuit. If an electric smoker continually trips your home’s breaker, you’re being protected from a fault that needs addressing. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. Re: 3 Way Switch Tripping Breaker maybe a swapped "white switch leg" inplace of common never trust a wires color unless you wired it yourself and no one has touched it. Solved! 3 pole dimmer switch, which I replaced, keeps tripping the breaker at the main panel when I flip it. .nothing. Now the breaker turns immediately off when I try and switch it on. AFCI breakers, in addition to tripping due to overloads, short circuits, and ground-faults, also sense the power fluctuations that occur when sparking ("arcing") occurs between contact points in a wire connection. If there is a short or a power surge somewhere along the circuit, the corresponding breaker automatically switches off to help prevent electrical shock. This used to be a more common occurrence before the invention of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) outlets, which are now required in kitchens and bathrooms. If your breakers trip when you turn on your lights, your home’s electrical system is likely suffering from one of the following problems. Test a 4-Way SwitchTurn off power to the switches at the circuit breaker and using a tester, make sure power is off. If you have replaced the light switch or light fixture with a new one and the breaker trips when you turn the light on, the switch or fixture is most likely wired incorrectly. Remove the faceplate and unscrew the old switch. Using a continuity tester, check continuity between terminals as shown. What location in Europe is known for its pipe organs? 3 Way Switch Tripping Breaker - Page 2 - Electrical - Contractor Talk So...connect the black wires together in the ceiling box. 301.926.3253. The light was on but would trip the breaker within seconds. In the past two days, the main switch in the fuse box has shut off three times. You go to plug in something or reach to flip on a switch and . Let me start by saying the reason for the rewire is that I noticed in my crawl space much of my 1960 wire sheathing is in pretty bad shape. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 5 months ago. A: While it’s frustrating to have to keep switching a tripped breaker back on, keep in mind that a circuit breaker is an important safety mechanism. Switch tripping breaker. I’ll check the breaker panel and, sure enough, a circuit breaker has tripped…again. Do you have an electrical tester? Solved! This type of wiring configuration is commonly seen in homes more than 40 years old, before we used a lot of electrical appliances and gadgets (big screen TVs, PCs, space heaters, and powerful kitchen appliances). You may ultimately have to call an electrician to deal with whatever causes your circuit breaker tripping—electrical current isn’t something to mess with—but a little sleuthing will help you see if it’s something easily remedied. Power enters the first switch box, from there 12/3 goes to the second switch, where the feeds to the lights also are. Remove all of the switches so you can access the switch terminals. If the breaker trips, the problem is with the light kit wiring within the fan. Light Bulbs and Tripping AFCI. Get free, no-commitment estimates from licensed electricians near you. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), each year “thousands of people in the United States are critically injured and electrocuted as a result of electrical fires, accidents, electrocution in their own homes.” If you’re not experienced in home wiring, it’s well worth the $150 to $200 it costs to have an electrician come out and take a look. If they have, you have either overloaded a circuit with too many electrical appliances or one of those electrical appliances is faulty.

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