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This is as true today as it was when I joined in 2016. One of the places I’ve been able to travel to was Japan, where I got to meet with 35 different companies. To the extent that you are in North America, this content is issued by Schroder Investment Management North America Inc., an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Schroders plc and SEC registered adviser providing asset management products and services to clients in the US and Canada. On this competitively paid two-year graduate programme, you will complete four rotations, each lasting six months, with training throughout and with exposure to Investments, Product, Risk, and either Business Development or Client Strategy. We could term it ‘imagining the future’. Edinburgh is also a very liveable city. There are no short-cuts to gaining practical experience in interviewing management teams and for me, these first-hand opportunities were invaluable. Whether you join our Capital markets, investment banking or one of our corporate functions, you'll receive technical and leadership training, responsibility at an early stage of your career and guidance from our experienced colleagues along the way. Our graduate schemes are open to graduates of any degree discipline and start every September. Join the Deutsche Bank Graduate Programme and, whether your interests lie in investment banking, asset management, transaction banking, technology, human resources, risk management or another of our many alternatives, you’ll have everything you need to … 2021 Graduate programme We use cookies to retrieve and store information about you, your browser, device and preferences. In years two and three, you’ll have the option to continue with CFA Levels 2 and 3, again with our full support. The beginning of your time here at Baillie Gifford is as important as it is inspiring. In our applicants, we look for open-minded, hard-working and intellectually curious individuals. Investment banks usually offer a number of different graduate training schemes, specific to their particular divisions. Previous trainees have used this project to meet businesses whilst travelling the Silk Road or work at a food app start-up. I’m currently working on the Global Alpha team and so far, I have researched Taiwanese semiconductor companies, American landscaping suppliers and companies supporting the electrification of travel. Our Sales and Marketing teams, or as we call them, Solutions and Product teams, are at the beating heart of our business. In the first weeks you’ll complete our accelerated learning programme. Within the first year of your Investment Research Graduate Programme, you’ll start to work towards the IMC (Investment Management Certificate) followed by CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 1. Guide our business. That's what you can expect on our investment programmes. Graduate Programme - Application Process 2020. I’m also encouraged to imagine what the ‘blue sky’ scenario is rather than just finding the faults of a company. Early on you will take on responsibilities, build your network among peers, senior professionals and business leaders alike. Application deadlines will vary by programme so please check the job description for further details. Join the AIM Graduate Program Take the opportunity to deep dive into exciting projects in areas like portfolio management, asset liability management or investment strategy. This meant I was looking at the growth potential of smaller companies. Schroders uses cookies to personalise and improve your site experience. A year later we have a placement in the Client Services Department and, in our fourth year, we get the opportunity to do a three-month project. I was always interested in how policies can make change happen, but I came to realise that money is also a big enabler. During my time on the Japan team I was primarily focused on small-cap company research. You’ll have to explore politics, socio-economic conditions, and current affairs. By posing the right questions, we can often get to interesting answers, which can have the power to unearth huge opportunities. Influence our investment approach. Select your region to see what's offered: We’ll give you our full support by paying for your registration, … Global graduate programmes We welcome graduates who will bring fresh perspectives and knowledge to our different global business and functions. They are genuinely interested in D&I – it’s not just a tick box exercise. All the graduates bring different experiences and the learning curve is steep for the first five years. It’s part of the wider culture here, as senior people always actively listen to and help us implement our ideas. For all other users, this content is issued by Schroder Investment Management Limited, 1 London Wall Place, London EC2Y 5AU. Both graduate programmes are now open for applications. With a background in development research and consultancy, financial services wasn’t my original career focus, but Baillie Gifford was the only company in the industry that truly appealed. As well as the encouragement of teammates, graduates enjoy the support of a dedicated mentor. Working closely with our portfolios, researching investment strategies and analysing potential returns. I’ve attended talks by Helen Sharman (the first Briton in Space) and by Serhii Plokhii (author of Chernobyl). Our graduate programmes will give you a thorough introduction to the financial industry. As an Investment Analyst, you will learn about how private equity works and about secondaries specifically. For the investments programme, log into the online system Applied (opens in a new tab) to submit your application. You are open to new ideas and have the humility to know how much you don't know. Valuable experience within the Distribution team 3. You know that mistakes happen, but that’s okay. The Graduate programme. For more information on what cookies we use and how they affect you, please visit our “Cookie policy”. You’ll have to cast your net far and wide to collect information and create your own unique viewpoint. Successful applicants will complete three 8-month rotations within Investments (Equities, Fixed Income, Multi Asset, Diversified Alternatives) and Distribution. Trainees joining our Multi-Asset and Fixed Income (MAFI) programme will rotate through our Multi-Asset teams that invest across equities, bonds, property and infrastructure, and our Fixed Income teams that invest primarily in bonds (a loan to a company or a government for a set period of time, in exchange for regular interest payments). I discovered the firm’s emphasis on future-thinking, cognitive diversity, and long-term investment approaches valuing qualitative thinking alongside quantitative methods. I love learning about new things and I wanted a career where I could bring together all of my interests, which is exactly what I found at Baillie Gifford. From Accounting & Finance to Sales & Marketing, Tax, Technology, Wealth Management, Investment, Real Estate and Risk & Compliance - graduates work across our offices in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Luxembourg. It takes skill to identify the direction of corporate culture, how industries may evolve and the sways of our society. Exposure to more than one of our asset classes 2. You are trusted to represent the firm well when you meet different companies. So far on my placements I’ve researched a wide range of companies – everything from self-driving trucks to vaccines. It’s challenging, but it’s also incredibly intellectually rewarding. In our induction, we receive an introduction to the firm and investment management. Apply to this programme Apply now. They were deep, analytical thinkers with insightful conversation but were also humble and interested in what I had to say. It is designed to give you a thorough understanding of what makes Mapletree successful, and to equip you with the real estate knowledge that you will need to be part of that success. I also went to a trade fair in Munich with some graduates to look at robotics – it is key in this business to have an information edge over competitors so meeting companies that were working on robot prototypes really helped our work. I came to Baillie Gifford because I believe in investing for a better future. My team is very experienced but eager to share their knowledge. The long-term approach also translates into the training, where you’re given time to grow as an investor. My peers are far more interested in the reasoning process than my stance, which is quite liberating as it gives me significant freedom to explore alternative hypotheses. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our graduate programme. Sustainably delivering long-term value in a fast-changing world, Keep up-to-date with the latest coronavirus insights and its effects on markets and the economy by adding this page to your favourites, 0 Min The quality of the debate here is far-reaching, very challenging and always stimulating. Through networks such as Women in Banking and Finance, Future Asset and Social Mobility Foundation, I have been supported by Baillie Gifford to talk to cohorts of people from similar backgrounds and share the experience of starting a career here. Investment Banking graduate schemes In finance, everything hinges on seeing where risk translates to reward. I was given the freedom to choose the companies I wanted to visit, and design the objectives and content of my meetings. On our technology programme you'll be at the centre of helping to drive our business forward. You can choose which programme you wish to apply to or, if you prefer to leave this open, we can select the one which best suits your potential. I’m from Azerbaijan and have studied in Turkey, the Netherlands and the UK. My managers have been really supportive of my involvement and the work we do to advance inclusion. On the team we consider the merits of the business and piece together what the growth prospects could be. In my experience I’ve also found the firm on the whole to be a conscientiously self-reflective place. Training begins with an in-depth introduction to the industry and an inside view of how we work at Schroders. You will be joining an exclusive club where your schedule is tailor-made for … The Schroders Graduate Programme is designed with bright young talents in mind. We will provide graduates with the chance to experience first-hand how Insight’s business works, whilst providing each individual with the opportunity to acquire a range of skills, maximise their strengths and realise their full potential. In fact, the majority of our Investment partners and senior investors joined us as graduate trainees. This stage is more in-depth. There is a real focus on encouraging our creativity and breadth of thinking, which I really enjoy. I started my first report in my second week and presented it to my colleagues three weeks later. London. Run daily, weekly and monthly checks of risk exposures client portfolios. I realised this was an attractive opportunity to learn more about the world. This creates a great platform for encouraging ever better business practice – both for ourselves and the companies we invest in. In Risk & Compliance, you'll have your finger on the pulse of our business strategy. But instead, let’s imagine a role where your creativity and curiosity are held in higher esteem than your numeracy skills. As for the future, you could develop your career into an Investment Manager, Senior Analyst or Client Management role. Join us, develop your skills and gain valuable professional experience while working at the EU bank. Applications are currently closed Take initiative, embrace change, make a difference. My first placement was in the Japanese team and they’re focused on producing reports every few weeks. If you didn’t express a preference for either the Equity of MAFI departments in your application, we will discuss this with you at the first interview. Making crucial commercial decisions. Registered No. You can’t form an attachment to your preconceived ideas. We focus on driving progress and improving futures by acting in the most responsible way possible towards society and the environment at all times. I also had my first meeting with a CEO in my third week. Selling products intelligently. Applications for all our 2021 Graduate, Intern & Placement Year Programmes open in September 2020. When selecting ‘Accept and continue’ you accept all categories of cookies. You can choose to apply for our Equity programme, our MAFI programme or, if you’re unsure, both. 1893220 England. It’s wonderful to be backed in this way and work somewhere where I feel empowered to be myself and make a difference. Our graduate programme offers extensive on-the-job training together with external courses and the opportunity to study for professional qualifications. And for us, inspiration can come from anywhere. Our programmes are designed to stretch and challenge you, while providing the skills and experience to help you progress your career and contribute to HSBC’s continuing success. If we receive a large volume of applications, we reserve the right to close applications earlier than the given deadline. Global Graduate Training Programme 145 Graduates from 24 of our global offices attend Rothschild & Co's biggest Global Graduates Training Programme to date. There’s the opportunity to travel both within the UK and internationally to attend conferences, visit companies and speak to experts. All investments involve risks including the risk of possible loss of principal. When I joined Baillie Gifford, I met so many interesting people within the investment teams. Since joining four years ago I have been on two equities teams researching everything from traditional Chinese medicine to video game companies, and also a multi-asset team, researching topics like Argentinian history and renewable energy infrastructure. Graduate Programme. Within a couple of hours, we’d solved the problem together. There’s a real belief in cognitive diversity. After finishing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Criminology, I applied to law school in Canada before deciding to take a year out for grad school at LSE. We support every one of our colleagues to continue their professional development throughout their time with us. Once the introductory training is completed, graduates join their first team. … I think my science background does help me in this career. After my presentation, a team member offered to talk it through. In your application, we like to see what experience you have, whether this is within the Asset Management industry or a part time job whilst attending university. For us, it’s not about looking for graduates from a particular degree. The programme is designed to provide you with: 1. The quality of life is very high, and the festivals/markets keep you engaged. When imagining a career in Investment Research, you may picture a traditional financial position filled with mathematical analysis and number-crunching. Your learning won’t stop there either. Alternative & Open-Architecture investment solutions ... Students and Graduates Programmes Events Application advice ... At the end of the Programme, you could be considered for a position on our Summer Internship Programme. I’ve had the opportunity to host or join many company management meetings; from internet conglomerates to startup biotechs. You’ll spend between 18 and 24 months rotating between teams within your scheme, developing an understanding of our products, processes and strategies. 80% of the time is found researching and looking for the right inspiration. Past performance is not a guide to future performance and may not be repeated. This is only furthered by being exposed to new areas through conferences, graduate feedback sessions, partnerships with academia, or consultants teaching us about the industry and thinking frameworks. For example, at first, I was struggling with a small part of a report, valuing a stock. At Baillie Gifford you get access to so many new experiences. I am always challenged in my work and got a lot of responsibility early on. Training begins with an in-depth introduction to the industry and an inside view of how we work at Schroders. This will enable you to spot investment opportunities that others may have missed. As we recruit on a rolling basis, we recommend you get your application completed as soon as possible. Work live projects. It takes creativity to look at the world and imagine how it could change in the next five to ten years. As well as practical experience, graduates enjoy continual expert training designed to help grow the skills and expertise for a successful career. I was able to ask lots of questions about the programme and help was there at every stage if I needed it. We offer you the opportunity to learn different skills, build networks and grow your career. In science you have to be perpetually open-minded to new information and how this affects your hypothesis. It’s helped me learn so much more about the world. This is mostly because of our long-term investment style. Please be aware that certain types of cookies are necessary to browse our web site and therefore cannot be disabled. Along with further meetings with senior investors from either the Equity or MAFI department, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet different members of the teams you might join -– from experienced analysts to graduates who were in your position last year. We encourage applications from any degree to apply for our Investment Research Graduate Programmes, and there’s no one type of person we’re looking for at Baillie Gifford. You’ll also rotate each year to a new team, gaining a broad view of the different investment areas and geographical regions we work in. If you have obtained a University degree and have less than two years of work experience (excluding internships), we have a fantastic opportunity for you. There are two distinct career paths for Investment Research Trainees at Baillie Gifford. In other words, we try to imagine what the future holds. Mapletree Executive Programme (MEP) The Mapletree Executive Programme (MEP) is an exciting career gateway into the real estate sector locally and overseas. The Fundamental Investments Rotational Program gives recent graduates a variety of experiences during their first two years at CPP Investments, providing early exposure and meaningful, hands-on work. Companies like these are defining a shift from product-based business models to experience-based ones. My preconceptions meant the investment world did not appeal to me initially, as I received maintenance grants and worked thirty-hour weeks to support myself throughout university, but Baillie Gifford is unique and welcomes you into its culture. Graduate Programme Start Date: Thursday 16 September 2021. You will work in a team that generally includes between five and ten people. We’re working with other teams, sharing ideas and looking at opportunities across all industries and geographies. We believe only long-term potential can drive our clients’ returns, so we focus on developing a deep understanding of the factors that determine that potential. They will be available from day one and are there to help you build a successful, stable career, and for us to enjoy the long-term rewards of our investment in you. I’ve admired the patience of investment managers at Baillie Gifford in continually reflecting upon and revising their previous insights and workings. Often these were software or tech companies seeking to disrupt the established workings of their respective industries. When selecting "Manage cookies" you are given the opportunity to accept only the categories of your choosing. It’s fantastic to have these opportunities so early in my career. We’ll give you our full support by paying for your registration, tuition and materials, as well as the time you need to study. The culture at Baillie Gifford is relaxed but intellectually challenging. The work is always in-progress, as the performance of any one stock or investment case is monitored across a long time horizon. The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amounts originally invested. A career within the Investment Bank is all of these things, and more. In Finance and Tax you’ll really understand what makes our business tick. And help safeguard our reputation. In focus. We offer everyone at Schroders a lifetime of opportunity and the chances to progress and diversify throughout the business. For over two centuries and more than seven generations we've grown and developed our expertise in tandem with our clients' needs and interests. You possess an appetite for learning and are interested in a wide range of subjects, even those you know little about. But the work I’m doing here is surprisingly similar to academia. During this initial period you'll take your first steps to qualification with the Investment Management Certificate (IMC). It paves the way for businesses to expand, new infrastructure to be built, and bright ideas to become world-changing innovations. I was looking for the right graduate programme that would help me get a sense of the world outside academia. Our graduate programme is designed to give you the expertise, experience and exposure required to build a long-term career in investment management. In my research and in the weekly meetings I aim to bring a new perspective to company discussions or complex issues such as inflation resilience during a pandemic or how should we think about the future of business software. I liked Edinburgh immediately – a mix of the Caucasus of Azerbaijan and the historical buildings of Oxford! Also, you are given independence in your research to choose your sources and methods. At each stage, we’ll be open and honest with you, so you get a clear idea of what it’s like to work at Baillie Gifford. To get started, you need to complete a short online application form, attaching your CV and covering letter. I’m always looking to learn about different countries in political, social and economic senses. Instead, we look for particular graduates – people who are inquisitive thinkers who have the vision to see what the future could look like. Submit an online application. A career at Morgan Stanley means belonging to an ideas-driven culture that embraces new perspectives to solve complex problems. All Graduate positions … Communicating with integrity. Graduate development programmes description and an online application form. Importantly, you’re given as much autonomy as you need, and have mentors to support you when you feel stuck. Graduates on our Equities programme will work on a variety of teams that try to identify companies that have the potential to grow significantly over the next decade. Our graduate programme is designed to give you the expertise, experience and exposure required to build a long-term career in investment management. You could even become a partner in the firm. We then progress to the first of our placements in a team. Sit right at the heart of our business, support every Schroders team and drive our long-term thinking. Some of my research projects include luxury goods, diabetes treatment, car distribution, telecommunications and cybersecurity. In addition to the personal qualities, intellectual curiosity and appetite for challenge you’ll bring to the role, you’ll need to have or be on course to achieving a 2:1 in your studies. A key learning point has been that working in investments is not simply about a set of discrete outputs. Baillie Gifford’s Investment Research programme attracts graduates from a wide variety of backgrounds, and that appealed to me. You’ll have a considerable amount of time to think about and write research reports, and you’ll seldom need to work into the evening or weekend. We have a variety of graduate and internship roles in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Luxembourg. If selected, you’ll be invited for a first interview with one of our senior investors and a member of the HR team where we will discuss the academic and professional choices you’ve made so far, your thoughts on topical issues of the day, as well as your other interests. Speaking to CEOs leading companies from various industries was a great experience to have so early on in my career. Creativity not analysis is our calling.”. Our Sales teams, or as we call them, Distribution teams, are at the beating heart of our business. It has given me real context for the work I do day-to-day in Edinburgh. Have a look at some frequently asked questions and answers. Before Baillie Gifford, I had minimal exposure to financial services. This will teach you the important things you need to know before joining your team, meeting your mentor, and starting your first pieces of investment analysis. You pride yourself on your ability to spot trends and opportunities before others do and know how to distinguish short-term noise from what really matters. This means questioning everything that happens around us and anticipating the causes and consequences of local, regional and global events. Much of the work we do in the office is in the hope of making a difference in five or ten years’ time. Over the last four years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and research dozens of companies across several industries. I was able to attend an industry conference just three months into my first placement and was responsible for interviewing a CEO and a number of senior managers over the phone – asking them about their companies’ strategies. You have the ability to cope with uncertainty, as it may be many years before you know whether your decisions are right. Some cookies are necessary and are used to make our site work. Baillie Gifford also invites many fascinating speakers to the investment floor, so we can learn from their experience and viewpoints. Help us imagine the future and you’ll see how far yours can go too. Expect to be at the heart of the team from day one and immersed in real work from the get-go. Crucial to this is a longer-term, sustainable attitude to business practice, which Baillie Gifford has long demonstrated in its investment style. Our work makes it possible for capital to move between investors and those who need it. These necessary cookies do not collect any personal information about you. As part of this 24-month programme, you will learn all aspects of corporate finance, ranging from private company deals to publically-listed mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and fundraisings. Graduates on our Equities programme will rotate through a series of teams researching companies that have the potential to grow significantly over the next decade. Students & Graduates. And you'll start to build your personal network with other trainees and some of our firm's most senior managers. The program goes beyond technical components of investing to include formal training, apprenticeship, mentoring and meaningful performance management. At Baillie Gifford they don’t turn you into a particular type of investor. Investment Analyst (Full Time) – London & New York. You’re given autonomy to pursue what interests you, determine your research agenda and plan your trips. We look forward to receiving your application regardless of the degree subject you’ve chosen to study. That’s why we are just as likely to hire a musician, a doctor or a politics graduate, as we are a mathematician. Our graduates talk about the unique experience of working at Investec. Here it is not about ‘fitting in’ but seeing what you can bring to the table, whilst keeping up the enthusiasm to learn. As an example, one of the first few companies I researched is aiming to become the Facebook of the cosmetics world, with its leading advertising and customer relationship management platform, allowing brands to interact with and manage a large pool of customers directly. Mentoring, regular feedback from experienced business leaders and great trainings are also included. Learn a range of technologies. The impact we have on society and the environment is at the centre of our approach to corporate responsibility. As a graduate trainee, 80% of your time will be spent researching. Working hours between offices vary – traders, in particular, tend to work an earlier day. Skills required to becom… I first met Baillie Gifford at a careers fair at Oxford and they seemed to be a firm that was interested in people who are curious about the world. When I joined Baillie Gifford, there was all of that and more. I’ve recently become the Chair of the Baillie Gifford LGBTQ+ Network. In my first year, I went to Utah to do a course on investment processes and took a two week trip to Japan, where I met with CEOs and other company management but also had the opportunity to explore a place I’ve never visited. In short, it is an opportunity to have impact. Grad school opened my eyes to other career options that had the intellectual stimulus and debating characteristics I found most attractive about a legal career. Our structured rotational programmes will allow you to gain experience in a variety of teams and a solid understanding of our firm. Science is comfortable with the idea that there is no single truth and long-term investing is very similar. Overview. I’m involved in our environmental sponsorship committee, which directs a portion of Baillie Gifford’s sponsorship monies to charities working to conserve, enhance or promote an appreciation of the natural environment.

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