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Price per metre for finished tunnel: Nok 38 000. ^ previous name is Daxiangling Tunnel ^ 10.007 km + 9.962 km ^ the two two-lane directions are superimposed (hence duplex) in one tube ^ longest underground branch: W-E direction tube (Avenida de Portugal, M-30, Bypass sur) {{/pricing}}. {{pricing}} List of longest tunnels. About 10km from the Aurland end of the tunnel, a cleaning plant for the tunnel ventilation air was installed in a short side tunnel. Here, the excavated materials were deposited with no visible effect on the main valley, and without any risk of hazardous run-off into the Laerdal watercourses. In a peaceful small village called Klevan … {{? Lærdal Tunnel. Image courtesy of Svein-Magne Tunli. E39 Rogfast will be a twin-tube road tunnel, which will cross Boknafjorden and Kvitsøyfjorden north of Stavanger, replacing the current ferry over Boknafjorden. A detonator inside a small stick of Anolit dynamite was placed in the bottom of each hole. Passengers reboarded and drove on a few minutes later when smoke dispersed. Currently the longest and most expensive rail tunnel in the world, the Gotthard Base Tunnel opened for service on 11… Its length is surpassed by that of the 8,999-meter (29,524 ft) Karmøy Tunnel, which opened Sep. 5, 2013. Year of built … Each drilling jumbo contained three automatic hydraulic drills. Important information about. Building period: 1995-2000. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The tunnel includes fire extinguishers at every 125m and 15 turning areas for semi-trailers and buses. The 24.5km Laerdal tunnel in Norway is the world’s longest road tunnel. The road will take you in the heart of Sogn, in western Norway, where you’ll get to enter the world’s longest road tunnel: Lærdal tunnel stretches out at 24.5 kilometers (15.2 miles), connecting the cities of Lærdal and Aurland, and it’s definitely one for the books. The tunnel opened November 2000. Lighting is a central factor - every 6 km the area is widened and these rock chambers are fitted with special lighting. The heat generation was around 35.000kW, and the temperature below the tunnel roof rose to more than 1000°C with no visible damage occurring to the tunnel cladding. The Lærdalstunnelen - Worlds longest road tunnel has obtained certification for their environmental efforts by: Environmental certification of private and public enterprises, also tourism. The World's longest Road Tunnels; Country: Tunnel: Length: Date of opening: Norway: Laerdal: 24 510 m: 27.11.2000: China: Zhongnanshan (2 tubes) 18 040 m Japan’s Seikan Tunnel is the longest underwater tunnel in the world, and is located beneath the Tsugaru Strait. 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Operations during the construction of Laerdal tunnel was divided into four main phases: drilling, blasting, loading and transport and excavating and landscaping. The 24.5km-long stretch of tunnel stretches between Aurland and Laerdal on the new main highway connecting Oslo and Bergen. Emergency niches are also available at every 500m of the tunnel. The Laerdal Tunnel is around 24.5km long road tunnel, the longest in the world, connecting the villages of Lærdal and Aurland, but basically linking the capital of Oslo to Bergen and the … Norway's fabulously illuminated Laerdalstunnelen is the longest road tunnel in the world. We use them to give you the best experience. “The disposal of 2.5 million cubic metres of excavated rock from the tunnel was one of the greatest challenges in planning the tunnel.”, The Norwegian Public Roads Administration. At 24.5 km (15.23 miles) long, the Lærdal Tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the world, meaning it’s the longest tunnel that you can drive through. No one was hurt. This plant cleans the passing air for critical polluting components, thus maintaining an acceptable air quality throughout the tunnel even during periods of heavy traffic and limiting the air volume and jet from power consumption which is required in order to ventilate the long tunnel. Tynjadal is a side valley, opening out about 8km east of the town of Laerdal. Project costs -2000 value: Nok 1050 million. The Laerdal tunnel is an important part of the extension of a ferry-free, reliable road link between the two largest cities in Norway. Operations during the construction of Laerdal tunnel was divided into four main phases: drilling, blasting, loading and transport and excavating and landscaping. List of Subsea Road Tunnels in Norway and links to other subsea Tunnels The World's longest tunnel Page - Subsea Road Tunnels in Norway Norwegian Subsea Road Tunnels Heaviest traffic in an hour: 400 vehicles It will have six longitudinal ventilation shafts, which com… The Coastal Highway Route E39 Project is the biggest infrastructure mission in modern Norwegian history and it will all start with a tunnel construction that in itself is a modern-day marvel. Statens Kartverk, Geovekst og kommuner - Geodata AS. Average daily traffic over a year: 1000 vehicles, TRAVEL ALERT! The new link connects the city of Stavanger with Strand in the district of Ryfylke. It is planned to have a length of 27 km and a maximum depth of 392 m. It is projected to be ready by 2025-26. In June 1992, the Norwegian Parliament decided to construct the world’s longest road tunnel. Norway is currently building another subsea tunnel called the Rogaland Fixed Link or the Rogfast Tunnel that when successfully completed will set the record of being the world’s longest and deepest road tunnel. Interconsult a member of the Cowi Group was involved as electrification and automation consultant to design all electrical installations in the tunnel. The tunnel opened November 2000. LÆRDALSTUNNELEN - The world's longest road tunnel is 24,5 km long and situated between Aurland and Lærdal. Lærdal. At 24 kilometers or just over 15 miles in length, Norway's Lærdal Tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world. Tunnel cost: Nok 930 million. The Laerdal tunnel goes through dry rock with little need for sealing water seepage. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. All drivers who enter the tunnel are given information via radio about whether they should wait or possibly turn round and drive out of the tunnel. And you can drive through it?!! Turning points: 15 The Eiksund Tunnel is the world's deepest, reaching 287 meters (942 ft) below mean sea level. More than 100 cameras will be used to prevent crime in the world's longest cycle and pedestrian tunnel set to open in Bergen in 2023. Norway. Gudvanga Tunnel – Found in Norway, the tunnel connects to the very nearby village of Gudvangen – part of European Route E16. {{!preprice}} Emergency telephones and fire extinguishers were installed at closer intervals than in other tunnels. Contents. Of course, traffic can definitely build up in the tunnel. Price: 1 World's longest tunnels (in use) 2 … The electrostatic precipitator is automatically quenched for de-dusting at regular intervals, while maintenance of the gas filtration catalyst is required only at intervals of several years. {{preprice}} To avoid major conflicts because of the cultural importance of the landscape and the productive agricultural land in the main valley, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration decided to build more than half of the tunnel from a 2.1km long access tunnel in Tynjadal. The tunnel is longitudinally ventilated through only one ventilation air exhaust shaft, 18km from the Aurland end of the tunnel. The Ryfylke tunnel will be both the longest and deepest undersea road tunnel built anywhere in the world when it opens to traffic. The tunnel has been subdivided into four sections by means of specially widened areas which are large enough to allow coaches and trains to turn without having to reverse. It is one of the most used tunnels for freight in all of Europe. You’re in for a ride—quite literally. Length 24.51 km | 15.2 mi. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s (NPRA) challenge was to design the tunnel so that people did not find the 20-minute-long trip monotonous, thereby losing concentration during the long journey. Drilling the tunnel was carried out using computer-controlled drilling jumbos as well as traditional drilling and blasting. The tunnel is the longest road tunnel in the world. LÆRDALSTUNNELEN - The world's longest road tunnel is 24,5 km long and situated between Aurland and Lærdal. Drilling the tunnel was carried out using computer-controlled drilling jumbos as well as traditional drilling and blasting. In the few places where flammable plastic mats were required for waterproofing, these methods were put to the test in a coach fire in the Ekeberg tunnel in 1996. However, the longest of these engineering phenomena is the Laerdal Tunnel. If a traffic accident or some other situation occurs, the tunnel will be closed with immediate effect from the monitoring centre. At … In the centre, there is information about the stave church heritage, an exhibition, café and shop. The two tunnel tubes will have a 10.5 metre diameter, each carry two lanes of traffic and feature a spiral loop to the island of Kvitsøy. Interconsult were instrumental in ensuring traffic safety was a key parameter in the design of the technical installations, including lighting designed to give the road user the impression of driving through several shorter tunnels instead of one long by making transition zones in the tunnel with an imitated sky (blue lighting). If any fault should occur in the ventilation system or if any queues should form, creating excessive volumes of exhaust fumes, the tunnel will automatically be closed to traffic. To make sure that the tunnel sections met more than 10km into the rock and 1000 metres under the mountain, it was important that the drilling and blasting work wer… {{/}} Fire safety was the main priority in the construction of any tunnel. The excavated materials were transported out of the tunnel using dump trucks. {{price}} {{:postprice}}{{postprice}}{{/}} Permanent roads were built in the tunnel, in parallel with the tunnelling work, so that transport vehicles could run on a good, paved road base during the construction period. Lighting is a central factor - every 6 km the area is widened and these rock chambers are fitted with special lighting. To make sure that the tunnel sections met more than 10km into the rock and 1000 metres under the mountain, it was important that the drilling and blasting work were carried out with great precision. The tunnel will have two lanes on each side, with passages at every 250m to provide easy exits during emergencies. Safety equipment and monitoring are installed in the tunnel. Features of this page require a browser with localStorage enabled. You have been redirected to the nearest matching page within this section. Several million Norwegian kroner were spent on equipment for monitoring and to check that the ventilation systems, radio connections, lightning systems, traffic lights, emergency equipment, etc., are in working order. Reaching at 11,428 metres, the tunnel was opened on 17th of December 1991. 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This improved efficiency and minimised pollution. The disposal of 2.5 million cubic metres of excavated rock from the tunnel was one of the greatest challenges in planning the tunnel. Breakdown lay-bys: 48 Where is the world's largest tunnel? This includes electrical power systems, control systems (PLC) and emergency phone system. The single tube tunnel with two-way traffic stretches between the county of Aurland and the Laerdal valley. The Laerdal tunnel was opened in 2000. The Bømlafjord Tunnel is the country's longest, at 7,888 meters (25,879 ft). Now, Norway hopes to cut this drive down to 11 hours by building bridges and tunnels to help travelers across the fjords. If you have time, you should visit the 800-year-old Borgund Stave Church in Lærdal, one of the most visited and photographed stave churches. A great deal of investment was put into safety measures and equipment in the Laerdal tunnel. :pricing}} - Laerdal Tunnel (Aurland, Norway) The Laerdal Tunnel in West Norway is the world's longest road … A round trip full of contrasts is to drive through the Lærdal Tunnel, then stop by the fjord in Flåm, and return over the stunning Aurlandsfjellet plateau on the popular Snow Road between Aurlandsvangen and Lærdalsøyri. Railway tunnel in Klevan, Ukraine: The tunnel of love. The air quality in the tunnel is continuously monitored, and the air cleaning system automatically goes into operation when required. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s monitoring centre in Laerdal is responsible for monitoring and checking all tunnel systems in the region. But it may surprise you to learn that it's … With a length of 26.7km and a maximum depth of 392 metres below the sea level, the Rogfast road tunnel will be the longest, and deepest, undersea road tunnel in the world.

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