radiator fan only works when a c is on

Simply the engine is not hot enough to turn on the cooling fan, its not hot enough outside, you are driving getting plenty of air flow through the grille to keep things cool without the assistance of the fan. Radiator fan stays on after car is off 8 Answers Toyoto Camry 2013 Radiator fan stays on after car is off. I first noticed the problem when my a/c wouldn't work when in traffic. I think the fan motor has two speeds. Many people confuse pressure in the … Could still be in the wiring? Still, you can avoid much of the confusion using a troubleshooting plan. Whether or not it remains on is dependent on the type of radiator fan you have. Check/replace the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Switch, not the ECT Sensor. If I jumper both leads going to sensor should the fan come on? No they should cycle like that, one fan is for engine cooling the other is for A/C. My 2005 Mercedes c230 acting up. When the AC is switched ON (Compressor), the Radiator Fan also switches ON (even though the Engine Temperature is at C) along with Condenser Fan. If your Fiesta is running hot, and the fan is not I can turn the unit off inside the car with engine running, but this doesn’t turn the fans off at the motor, both fan are running at this time. The ECU signals the radiator fan to work at the precise time. i know the fan itself is good because when i connect it to the ac connector it fires right up as well as connecting it straight to the battery. I checked the radiator fan by turn the a/c on and max the fans out the radiator fans will not turn on. Symptoms Of A Bad Or Failing Cooling Fan Resistor Yourmechanic. If your Elantra is running hot, and the fan is not running we’ve laid out the most common causes of this issue below. System has freon in it. I did buy a new fan the one on the left hand side and bought a new fan module . The most likely culprits are a thermostatic switch, fan resistor, temperature switch, low-speed or high-speed relay, or a wiring issue. I was told that it was a faulty temperature sensor which I replaced. With A/C running radiator fan comes on. The fan motor does not default and come on when the sensor is disconnected. When I showed this to that electrician, he said "Its normal. When the Radiator fan is running, they suck in to close the Shroud off and only allow air to pull from infront or from the grille. In most cases the fan only comes on … The radiator fan should probably be coming on after the car has idled 5-10 minutes. And when you pull the CTS, the ECU turns the If I manually start the driver side fan by spinning the blade with my finger, it then runs (AC still on). I wish I could have found it days ago . When I disconnected the coolant temp sensor and started the engine, the fan came on immediately, and at high speed. When the vehicle has the AC on, the engine needs extra help cooling so the ECU commands the fan to be on any time the AC is on. With A/C running radiator fan comes on. what - Toyota 1994 Camry question Joseph Macaluso. If the a/c button is on than the chances are the fan will be on as well, even if a/c is off the fan should still come on only when it needs. The rad fan only comes on when the engine gets hot, and it works well to keep the engine temps down. Lv 7. If the radiator fan is not working, it’s a serious problem. Is it a I figure it can't be a fuse as it blows on 4. My Cooling Fan Will Not Work Properly I Have Tried The Following To No Avail. In a nutshell: The radiator fan comes on so the A/C works at its highest efficiency. it is just me or the smell ive been smelling something wrong? If the radiator fan is not working, it’s a serious problem.

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