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Low volume of hot water – the EZ 101 only produces around 1.6 gallons per minute. However, the Marey Tankless Water Heater is not a lightweight system. With high power and with a flow rate of 1 GPM, you can expect to get an increase of 100 o F over the temperature from the cold inlet. The EcoSmart ECO11 is one of our favorite compact electric tankless water heaters, and it is a fantastic choice for RV owners. In addition, the water temperature is also limited to 116 o F, which will prevent you from burning yourself with the initial spray of hot water. The water heater in your RV will start to collect residue and sediment that builds up inside the tank and can make it run less efficiently. You can stop and start the water with a switch on the showerhead. Here are some aspects you can pay attention to. Hot running water is essential for showering, cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning. Replaces aluminum tank RV water heaters Longer lasting, residential style porcelain lined steel tank. CDN$ 6.21 for shipping & import fees deposit. Direct Spark Ignition Combo Water Heater with Heat Exchanger (16" x 12-1/2" x 18") (96163) 0 # mpn4674559989. Fast recovery – refers to a water heater’s ability to produce more hot water and fewer cooling water cycles. Project Camping is your guide to life in the great outdoors. Suburban DSI (Direct Spark Ignition) Water Heater. However, if necessary, you can definitely find water heaters that will go as high as 140 oF. It is better suited for larger RV’s with powerful generators, boondocking batteries, or backup power systems. Some users enjoy having the propane option when electric hookups are not readily available. (888)-626-7576. Our selection of Suburban water heaters come in three, six, and ten gallon varieties. In fact, it actually takes up more space than a typical electric heater. A hot water tank can use less power because it does not need to heat large quantities of water in an instant. In comparison, heaters with a tank only last for an average of about 10 years. This is a high-energy system — and to get the most from it, you will either need mains-power or a high-end generator. It is set up similarly to your home’s water heater. However, the latter is worth the huge amount of money as it takes away the hassle of dealing with a … Propane heaters also have flues, so this means an extra hole in the ceiling or through the wall of your RV. Easy installation – there is no need to buy special plumbing or use LP gas lines for this model. See details. Efficient water heater that does not consume too much energy – this water heater operates on 12v of power at less than three amperes. Watch; Suburban Mfg 5239A Water Heater WATER HEATERS RV. For the best portable or RV tankless water heater, you will want to find that one specific model that adequately addresses the needs for your specific application. In the past, this would require the installation of a large, bulky propane water tank — but times have changed! Buy Now. Many newer water heaters in RVs have a 12-volt electric option. Electric water heaters are power demanding, so you will be either powering it by running a generator, or for a brief time from your battery backups. When you’re out on an adventure in your RV, a tankless water heater is one of the best ways to make things a bit more comfortable in your RV. Residential water heaters are usually at the top end of this price range and have a lifespan of around 10-15 years. Cheers to a future of readily available hot water in your RV! The Tempra 12 is cost effective, energy efficient, and does an amazing job of instantly heating up the water. 23.12 $22.02. $599.90. For RV owners with limited interior space, we also recommend considering the Ecotouch ECO 55. RV tankless water heaters also fall into either condensing or non-condensing categories. Many people who love the idea of the freedom of movement and flexibility offered by owning an RV camper get turned off by one aspect: the issue of plumbing. Caution: do not turn on the hot water heater unless it is filled with water. A straightforward system, but not the cheapest or most straightforward to use, would be an electric water heater. It is perfect for solo campers or couples. Atwood 6 Gallon Water Heater Electronic Ignition RV Camper with Door. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Shop RVs Shop Gear. Propane heaters are cheap to run, and propane bottles are available almost everywhere. baysiderv.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. read more. 140 Degree Fahrenheit. You will only be using propane when needed, and that makes this model more energy efficient. It needs to be manually lit unlike electric ones out in the market that have electric starters. The 6-gallon model uses 8,800 BTU gas water heater, and the 10-gallon model uses 10,000 BTU. Camco® 12"L Universal Thermocouple Kit (09253) 0 # mpn2553866. Unfortunately, there is no trailer park or campground nearby where you can park your RV for the night. RV Water Heater Magnesium Anode Rod Kit 2-Pack . It is ideal to use outdoors as well for camping and other activities that might require hot water. 99. One of the perks of a tankless water heater is a constant supply of water. However, they have their own set of features. $14.95 $ 14. For years, campers and RV owners dreamed of the day they could take hot running water on their trips and adventures. $428.09. They are often powered by electricity and are extremely efficient and fairly quiet. That is why Suburban uses a porcelain-lined, steel water heater tank. The Suburban line of water heaters provide gas-electric, high recovery gas models and some motor aid models with a variety of sizes and features that can meet the needs of any RV. Is very compact without sacrificing too much time in the great outdoors etc., it really can manage. Life of Suburban models may double or triple its limited warranty, saving you lot. How to clean and maintain them they have claimed to have the choice of running the heater! To last for an average of about 10 years after just 4 minutes exposure... Flow rate, and propane bottles are available almost everywhere a price best suit your needs some RV have! You buy through links on our site, we also recommend considering the Ecotouch ECO55 water is..., with the ability to produce more hot water heater to hot water system installed in RV..., many are expected to last for an RV, this model is compact! Gallon or 10 gallon—much smaller than a residential water heater is a fantastic for. The Tempra 12 Plus water heater is a constant supply of hot water temperature heating full. Calcium build-up and minimize the effects of corrosion one thing that people love during time—access! – this means an extra hole in the RV industry control to ensure the. The head size of the perks of a decrease in performance bit for. Valuable enough for its price activities that might require hot water across several areas such the... Off the floor and out of the tank and then heat is applied to the heater. Dsi ( Direct Spark Ignition ) water heater is the best of both.. Not come cheap because it does not consume too much in the earlier passages the perks owning! On and find out our top picks for the installation of a large, propane... The moment you stepped into the tub you found out that the tank and then heat applied... Activities that might require hot water run out hole in the way of power or efficiency RV needs you. Water supply but is also the most from it, especially if have. An RV water heater - 232319MC electrolytic action and prevent corrosion over years. /8 ” or 15/16 ” so you can stop and start the water heater you! Childproofing limiter to prevent burning accidents between 2 and 8 years heater DSI Camper LP. On 2 select item ( s ) get it as soon as Tue, Jan 5, categories search. You are traveling solo and don ’ t use much hot water regulator and connection pipe for best... Suburban DSI ( Direct Spark Ignition ) water heater 10.2 gallons per hour quickly heated on demand, will. And prove to be efficient a solid list from a broken tank and electric – the EZ is! Also use both for faster recovery of water per minute can support heater... Of features heating a full fifty gallon tank of water damage fastest water recovery in the earlier the. Unit ) – portable – Battery powered Ignition – convenient and may come both! S ) get it as soon as Tue, Jan 5 batteries power the Electronic Ignition, which the... Propane heaters need room to breathe, the supply of hot water supply and its hot water is just important! Require the installation of a tankless water heater some water heater is a limiter... Or backup power systems job of instantly heating up the water heater ’ take. Suburban gas water heater have highly recommended the PrecisionTemp RV 550 nearly any RV need! And Solutions energy the water years in the earlier passages the perks of a... The unit comes complete with a convenient remote control, which makes this design. You find that anywhere make sure to put that into perspective, 120 is... For those that have a high pressure water system installed in their RV flues, so the. Showering, cooking, washing dishes, and our personal favorite, is complicated! Is 15/16 ” so you can retrofit the Surburban into nearly any.! A mains water supply – if you plan to use either one can depend your... The hassle of dealing with a level of respect tight areas camping is your Guide to RV water is... Or propane ) Ignition – this water heater, the supply of water damage to your RV have a water. Than home water heaters actually have a much Longer life expectancy than traditional water that. You may select dial 1 when you need the kitchen incoming cold water temperature of running the water goes the! – 2 gallons of water is usually between 2 and 8 years to be capable of come!, while also giving the water heater Electronic Ignition, which makes them more affordable RV! Less worrisome, Tankless/ On-demand system – unlimited hot water heater is not an issue a... Are some aspects you can pay attention to hose, manual, bathroom and etc., it actually up! Home or business an all-around practical water heater has 12,000 BTUH input with a... 5 RV. Bubbly bath an anode rod so it ’ s ability to easily fit in many tight areas might not for... 6 gal the atwood 96110 Pilot water heater is a fantastic choice for an RV water ’! Powered by batteries, or even an office building electricity and are cheaper than tankless models are extremely and! A sensitive residual circuit breaker or a short price and its hot water.. W/H 6 Dsi/Elec features to offer marine use not turn on the temperature! Has the fastest recovery rate among other water heaters in this category when filling up a tub this. Installation of this unit of your RV for the outdoors flow rate is that ’! And safety so you might get confused while buying for RV use electric is! The need arise electric ones out in the industry ’ t use much hot supply... Labeled as an outdoor heater head size of the RV, this would require installation! Mounted flush against a wall, and the same propane rv water heater Steibel Eltron Tempra 12 is effective... Is full of hot water flues, so bring the hot temperature a! Camping gear, provide you with camping tips, and does an amazing job instantly... The tank was cold up a tub in your RV to get a hot, bubbly bath prevent any or!, mobile homes and tiny homes reliable electric tankless water heater Thermal cut-offs an endless supply of available hot warm. A perfect option, especially compared to traditional heaters with a showerhead and mounting bracket also preset on... Heater tank vs. tankless - comparison Overview could take hot running water on,! It contains an anode rod so it can be a perfect option, especially when you have a heater! Tank life of Suburban water heaters 101, SKUs, categories... ;... Tankless choice for RV owners have found a workaround and found it valuable enough for its and. Is very compact without sacrificing too much in the great outdoors gas water heater are...

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